fifty two

I have been studying for like 2 weeks now, because tomorrow I have my examintations. This is a reason that I have not post so much. The second reason is that I don't like me blog name (again). It's to long. But I think I'm not going to change blog.
I went to the cinema with Daryn yesterday. We watched the film Remember me with Robert Pattison. The film was a-ma-zing! Really you should watch it.
I have not make pictures for a new post so I picked a photoshoot from live journal. BLUSH / Spring 2010



I am back from Zwolle. And it was very awesome. I am not going to show you pictures because Daryn's parents will not be on the internet.



I totally forgot to tell you that last monday was my birthday. Have havn't post anything because i was very busy with that. I have my new vans. A picture is coming later. Next Friday I am going on holiday with Daryn, with Easter. I would love to go. Now I am going to show you some pics of kate moss


forty nine

This is what I'm wearing today


forty eight

It's almost my birthday! 22 March am I 16 years old. Today I am going to Tilburg with my dad to buy me a present. I already know what I want. Vans!! In black varnish. I cant find a picture on the internet so you have to wait. I am going to buy the panel legging from the h&m too. I bought it from a girl from ellegirl and we'll meet in Tilburg. I will make pictures when I am home again.

Do you know any more presents maybe? My aunts asked me the whole time what I want for my birthday but I don't know anything. Do you have any suggest?


forty seven

I got an award from she loves the radio. I won't pass the award on. I have to tell you 7 things about myself so lets start.
1. I love to make collages on the computer. I pick pictures from blogs picknick tumblr and fffound.
2. I always eat 1 toast with cheese and 1 toast with nutella in the morning, i love nutella and cheese.
3. I want summer, i don't like the cold and rain. I want sun.
4. I have a new camera. My dad bought a new one and i got his Nikon D60! It takes such good and nice pictures.
5. I would love to paint my hair red. I had my hair red once but I dare not to do it again. It is sad..
6. I'm going to do the education design. I would love to be an window dresser
7. I have three cats and later when I live on my own, I would love to have a red cat, a white long hair cat and a grey cat.
I have 4 collages

That's it for now.